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💥BETTER 💥 Than💥Accutane💥Side Effects🎉 WEIGHT LOSS🎉

💥BETTER 💥 Than💥Accutane💥Side Effects🎉 WEIGHT LOSS🎉

To CLARIFY the Difference between the Different forms of these Supps !!:
💥 I have been taking Pantethine which is what your body CONVERTS Vit B5 into, so its more easily absorbed, But B5 would work as well for acne and is CHEAPER. People use PANTETHINE to lower their cholesterol.
🔆 I was also taking Acetyl L-Carnitine a processed form of L-Carnitine that helps your BRAIN more (which I like) than mobilize fats as it passes the Blood Brain Barrier Better👀 L-Carnitine works HARDER on fat mobilization so it would work better for WEIGHT LOSS and probably work better for ACNE.
💥 Link to Bulk Supplements Vit B5 (Better cuz its cheaper, good quality and works)
💥 https://goo.gl/1yIymu
💥Link to Jarrow PANTETHINE Which is ACTUALLY A DERIVATIVE OF Vit B5 a more METABOLICALLY ACTIVE form of Vit B that I used in the video. So YOU WOULD NEED LESS, But more expensive. But B5 works
🔆Link to Bulk Supplements Acetyl L-Carnitine (better for brain, less weight loss)
🔆Link to Bulk Supplements L-Carnitine
🔆 https://goo.gl/OuPfLl
🎉Micro Measuring spoons!
🌍This is the link to the PROTOCOL going more in depth and mentions the study
🌍 http://www.drdach.com/Acne_B5.html
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