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Benefits Of CINNAMON (DALCHINI) For Weight Loss, Fat Burning & More

Benefits Of CINNAMON (DALCHINI) For Weight Loss, Fat Burning & More

CINNAMON (DALCHINI) helps in weight loss, lower blood sugar,burn fat, manage diabetes, reduces cholesterol and more.

The lovely cinnamon/dalchini is obtained from the inner bark of different trees and is better known as ‘cinnamomum’. This tangy spice is used in sweet and savory foods. The ancient nations praised this spice and considered it to be a gift for the monarchs.

Cinnamon is treated as one of the best spices and is used commonly in almost all homes. I’m sure all of us at some time or the other heard our grandparents praise this miracle spice with its medicinal properties.

There are namely two types of cinnamon: The Ceylon and the Cassia cinnamon. Many may be unaware of the fact that Ceylon is the ‘true’ cinnamon and cassia is the one more commonly used by all.

If you are diabetic watch this video carefully. Using cinemmon on regular basis reduces your insulin resiatnce, controls blood sugar. Therefore, over the time you can naturally control your diabetes. For a normal person, this reduces or delays the chances of diabetes.

Diabetic people are vulnerable to other conditions like rapid weight gain, high blood pressure and cholesterol. The weight issue with a diabetic person comes from insulin resitance. As such they need a natural way to overcome this problem. A regular usage of Cinnemon or Dalchini helps in overcoming the insulin resitance and gradual weight loss.

Now let’s review the health benefits of Cinnemon/Dalchini

1. Works as an antioxidant: Cinnamon (dalchini) is rich in antioxidants. It flushes out all the bad toxins from your body, increasing your metabolic rate naturally. This incredible spice if consumed regularly can make you feel fuller and in turn controls your hunger pangs to some extent. By the end you don’t feel very hungry and gradually lose weight.

2. Controls blood sugar: Maintaining a balanced blood sugar level in your body is always necessary to keep your weight under control. Increased blood sugar levels can cause excess fat to get stored in the body resulting in weight gain. Cinnamon, the wonder pill works very well in controlling the insulin levels in your body. This ensures you can effectively burn fat from your belly area and remain fit.

3. Strengthens Metabolism: Consumption of cinnamon increases the metabolic rate in your body. This boost in metabolism assists you losing calories, burning fat and controling your weight. Eating cinnamons regularly will surely give you the required weight loss you desire.

4. Reduces cholesterol: Cinnamon is known for reducing LDL that is the bad cholesterol from the body. This keeps the heart healthy and strong. People who have their cholesterol levels under control lose weight faster because cinnamon doesn’t allow fat to get stored in the body. Bad cholesterol stores fat in the body which in turn makes you put on weight, and cinnamon controls the bad cholesterol.
How To Use Cinnemon For Weight Loss and Controlling Blood Pressure Levels:

1. Cinnemon and oatmeal breakfast is good for weight loss.
2. Cinnemon/Dalchni and honey mixed into hot water helps you lose weight.
3. Cinnemon tea is good to control your weight and reduce your blood sugar leavels.
4. You can use cinnemon/dalchini as a standard ingredient in your weight loss drinks or shakes.

Hope you feel better soon!

For more information on how to use cinnamon for weight loss, please read the below article.


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