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Grapefruit is a Miracle for Weight Loss - Ann Louise Gittleman

Grapefruit is a Miracle for Weight Loss – Ann Louise Gittleman


In this video, Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS talks about one of the lost secrets for weight loss: the grapefruit. According to a study done by the Scripps Institute in La Jolla in 2004, researchers found that participants who ingested some form of grapefruit (be it juice, capsules, or the fruit itself) before each meal were able to lose more weight than the control group who consumed no grapefruit at all. Based on her own research, Ann Louise believes this is due to grapefruit’s natural ability to control your body’s insulin levels, which in turn controls your blood sugar and therefore hunger cravings. In addition to being an excellent weight loss tool, grapefruit contains many other nutrients such as vitamin C, limonoids and lycopene, all of which contribute to your overall well-being.

Watch this video and learn about all the various benefits contained in one of the lost secrets to weight loss: the grapefruit.

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