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Long Breath Weight Loss Method by Mr. Miki from Japan.

Long Breath Weight Loss Method by Mr. Miki from Japan.

Let me introduce Japanese video. He is a weight loss guru whose name is miki and his secret is called long breath weight loss method.

Lean backward like 80% of your weight on the backside of your body.

Introducing the newest weight loss method from Japan. Let me show a Japanese video by Mr. Miki, long breath weight loss method master!

Lean backward a bit, like put 80% of your body weight on the backside. Squees butt to show some scoop or hollow on the both sides. Keep this style and inhale from nose for three seconds, then exhale from mouth for 7 seconds. This is the most basic principle for this long breath method. Inhale for 3 seconds, exhale for 7 seconds.

The point is how strong the breath is, but it’s not easy at the beginning, so what he suggest is to exhale loud.

By repeating this method 6 times per one min, inner muscle which is normally not easy to train is trained, and you get small waist.

Look at his sweat just after one min.He cannot continue more than a min, because it’s too hard.

In addition, by exhaling very hard, face and neck muslbes become tight.

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