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Rabid Weight Loss

Rabid Weight Loss

How far would you go to have no body fat?

Rabid Woman – Jen Landon
Rabid Weight Loss Expert – Alison Haislip
Bitchy Woman – Stephanie Jackson
Other Bitchy Woman – Ellen Wroe
Zach Lewis – Man on cellphone
Ryan Bailey – Waiter
Trevor Torseth – Animal Control
Charles Pasarell – Bass Player
John Beach – Biking Husband
Christine Garver – Biking Wife
Trisha LaFache – Hiker 1
Michelle LaRue – Hiker 2
Lilah Richcreek – Sunbather 1
Abby Walker – Sunbather 2
Kevin Graber – Party goer
Evan Holtzman – Party goer
Ross Blakeman – Party goer
Stephanie Barnes – Party goer
Lance Holloway – Party goer
Tammy Barr – Party goer
Rob Nunn – Party goer
Lori Brodbeck – Party goer
Arthur Bizgu – Party goer
Pucci Tres – Party goer

Writers/Producers: Stephanie Jackson & Ellen Wroe
Alberto Belli – Director/Editor @albertobelli
Ellie-Ann Fenton – Director of Photography
Charles Pasarell – Assistant Camera
Jasper Granderath – Gaffer
Kayla Croft – Sound Mixer
Anne Cardea – SFX Makeup
Laura Peterson – Set Decoration
Erica Pallo – G&E/Swing
Lance Holloway – PA
Henrick Andersson – Graphics & Animation


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