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Spicy Grilled Fish - Skinny Recipes For Weight Loss

Spicy Grilled Fish – Skinny Recipes For Weight Loss

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Mackerel: 1/2 kg
2 tbsp Kashmiri chilli powder
1/2 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp black pepper powder
3/4 tsp salt or as needed
1 tsp kudampuli juice water
Water to mix the masala
1 tsp coconut oil
Make sure you are using a greased cast iron grill pan, check this video https://goo.gl/A5XWAC
Cooking in cast iron pan helps in iron absorption and highly beneficial if you have iron deficiency anemia.
Did you know that our thyroid needs adequate iron levels to produce the active hormones T4 and T3. If our body is low in iron, the enzyme responsible for this can be reduced in activity up to 50%.
Iron is also essential to another key enzyme, which converts T4 into T3. (T3 is our most active thyroid hormone). If you are already on medication for your thyroid, having adequate iron levels is still important for converting the medication into active, usable, thyroid hormone.
Note: If you have an old rusted cast iron pan, rub salt over it and then scrub it gently and wash it throughly and repeat what I have shown in the video.
I use diluted dishwashing liquid to clean the pan as I mostly make Indian dishes in this pan and once cleaned and rinsed I season it every time.
Cast Iron and Iron Absorption: https://goo.gl/Y9ZjDi
Thyroid And Iron: https://goo.gl/sbxQ1s
How to season cast iron skillet/pans: https://goo.gl/snBBa7
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