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Weight Loss Program (Testimonials)

Weight Loss Program (Testimonials)

Weight Loss Program (Testimonials)

Body Transformation Program- http://xcellfitness.co.in/our-services/body-transformation-program/

Body Transformation is an eight week intense fat loss program program which comes with customized video exercise program and diet plan to help you lose weight and get in shape

Body Transformation Programs includes-


It is very important to know one’s body type, total calorie requirements, medical conditions, without which your effort to weight loss or fat loss will be a complete failure. Everyone has different body type, different calorie requirements and that’s why everyone cannot follow same program. The consultation session helps you understand your own body type and what will work and what will not work for you.

Nutrition Plan

You cannot maximize your results unless you follow proper nutrition. Following proper nutrition is important but if you keep on following one nutrition pattern chances are your body will adapt to it quickly and will stop responding. If you really want to maximise weight loss or fat loss then you need to keep on changing your nutrition pattern from time to time so that your body never gets used to one kind of eating pattern .With The Body Transformation Program you get weekly meals plans so that your body does never adapts to any particular eating pattern and keeps on losing weight or fat and gaining muscle throughout the program.

Exercise Plan

Exercise is very important to shape up your body but exercise does not mean expensive equipment. Your body weight, some free weights and bench is all the equipment that you need to get in shape. With The Body Transformation Program you get video exercise plans which you can easily perform at home or gym, these plans are sent to you every 15 days so that your body never adapts to any one particular training pattern and constantly keeps on losing weight and inches throughout the program.

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