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Yoga for Weight Loss - Utkatasana (Hindi)- Shilpa Yoga

Yoga for Weight Loss – Utkatasana (Hindi)- Shilpa Yoga

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Spread Your Legs Until Theres A Distance Of About 4 Feet. Turn Your Right Foot About 90 Degrees To The Right Making Sure The Entire Foot Is On The Floor At All Times. Turn Your Body To The Right. Make Sure That The Left Foot Remains In The Same Position And Doesnt Turn With The Right Foot- This Is A Common Mistake. Bring Both Arms In Front Of You Join Them In A Namaste. Raise Your Joined Palms Above Your Head. Slowly Bend The Right Knee Until The Thigh Is Parallel With The Floor. Ideally The Knee Should Be Either Behind Or Directly Over Your Ankle. Then While Holding The Posture Attempt To Lean As Far Back As You Can. Hold. Remember To Breathe. Straighten Up. Bring Your Joined Palms Back Down. Release. Repeat With The Other Leg. This Is Known As Veerabhadrasana- The Warrior Pose. It Strengthens The Legs And The Arms As Well As Improving Balance And Concentration.

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